iammightee (iammightee) wrote in veggies_of_size,

Why are you veg*an?

Still out there? I see this community has been quiet for... well, years. But I'm hoping you folks are still around. I know I could probably go find a busy veg*an community somewhere to ask this question, but the three veg*an women in my family, myself included, are each in the 200 - 250 lb range, so I feel like veggies_of_size is my peer group.

I recently returned to vegetarianism after a long absence. (I posted about my reasons here in my journal.) It's been about three weeks now, and while I wouldn't say my commitment is wavering, I keep having to remind myself why I made that commitment. I thought it would help to hear why you did!

So what made you become a vegetarian or vegan? How long has it been for you? How do you feel your life is better for it?
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