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Big Fat Vegetarians

Because You Don't Have To Be Skinny To Be A Veggie

Veg*ns Of Size
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This LJ community is for fat positive vegetarians of all shapes and sizes! If you believe that health is possible at any size; if you are tired of the fat-hating propoganda pushed on us by the majority of vegetarian groups; if you think the "vegetarians are all skinny" myth is annoying and incorrect; if you want support for your vegetarian lifestyle, with ideas about fitness and food and good health (but not weight loss tips!) than this is the vegetarian community for you!

Please note: if you do not like fat people, do not believe vegetarians can be fat, want to tell fat vegetarians how to lose weight, or critisize fat vegetarians in any way, you are not welcome in this community and your membership will be deleted.

Also, please note: the definition of vegetarian that we are working with is a person who refrains from eating any kind of animal flesh which includes but is not limited to: beef, pork, poultry and fish. Ovo's, lacto-ovo's, and vegans are welcome!

You DO NOT HAVE TO BE FAT to join Veggies of Size, but you do have to be fat-friendly and vegetarian.