zaftigvegan (zaftigvegan) wrote in veggies_of_size,

talkin bout loving our fat veggie bodies.

hey everyone. i feel like this community has lost it's purpose somewhere along the way and i feel responsible for that because i kind of lost my drive there for a while, and i'm the founder, and well, i just let it slide. i'm sorry about that. so let's re-cap. this community is for us larger or thick veg*ns to come together and talk about the foods we are eating and our veggie lifestyles, the issues we have being a sub-group of veg*ns that are looked down on by the veggie community due to our size, and how we can stay positive about our bodies and food choices despite the negativity we encounter in the world at large.

as a size positive community, and one that i hope will remain anti-dieting, i want to steer our focus away from numbers. numbers on the scale, number of calories, number of fat grams, etc. numbers on our clothing labels. instead i would like us to talk about our bodies in terms of fitness (do you get daily exercise?) and solid nutritious eating choices, as well as learning that even big people can enjoy some dessert without turning it into a huge guilt-fest.

food is such a loaded issue and when we as a culture and individuals ascribe certain moral characteristics to the food we are eating we send messages to our subconcious and the people around us that can be good or bad. when we say that this delicious slice of cake is "sinful" or tell ourselves and each other how "naughty" we are for consuming a big bowl of soy delicious ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce, we internalize those messages - "i ate something sinful and was naughty after dinner, therefore i am sinful and naughty" (for those of us who enjoy being considered sinful and naughty, please take that sentence in the spirit it was intended and know that i am refering to our tendancies to internalize fatphobia). likewise, we can go around feeling superior and self-righteous (and damn hungry!) if we restrict our calories all day long and eat nothing but spirulina apple smoothies and raw sunflower seeds. i am interested in talking about how we can enjoy both types of food - the rich indulgences that bring us comfort and engage us in social events like holiday feasts, etc. and those foods that not only taste good but also nourish our bodies efficiently and cleanly.

i know this post is all over the place - i'm just trying to open some dialogue here because i was reminded of this community while reading about reclaiming the word "fat" from the haters, and using it the way it was originally used, as a benign descriptor, like calling someone "tall" or "blonde" (both of which i am).

also, can i see some pictures of my fellow veggies of size? here's me:

kreeli, april 2005
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