rincaro (rincaro) wrote in veggies_of_size,

This is not a veggie post.

Torrid is so very awesome. They opened up a real live store in my town and my sister took me. I bought a tee-shirt. And everything is very cool and very now looking. No granny clothes. Yay and double yay.

And in other news - why do folks not believe me when I say I'm veggie? Do they really think it's in anyway polite or acceptable to say, "But I thought vegetarians were skinny?" with that incredulous look that I just want to bitch-slap off their face???
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I actually had someone flat out ask me "how can you be fat and vegetarian?"

Torrid is awesome isn't it? I was so thrilled when they opened a store near me. Probably half my wardrobe comes from there
yeah that kind of attitude sucks
it's like they're waiting for you to go "just kidding! I eat 1000 pork chops and 5000 beef n bacon burgers every day" or something
Ugh.I just wish people wouldnt be so hung up on size,and think more about feeling healthy and accepting beauty as naturally inspired and not some fake plastic media image

your icon is so cute :P~
"Wow, I guess you sure disprove that meat-eaters are smarter"


Of course, I would never get around to actually saying that. I've been trying to train myself to just yell, "Well the jerkstore called and they are out of you" whenever I get in such a situation, but I generally look crazy enough without doing such things :-D
i've been vegan since '98 but people assume i'm just new to veganism and start to tell me how i might lose weight now that i'm vegan. boy are their faces red when i give them a link to my recipes website and they find out they've been sending me fan mail for years. heh.
No one has ever come out and said this to me but I know by the looks I get that people definately think that. Or they assume that I've been vegetarian for a few days or a week.
I know. I wanna tell them that I actually gained a good bunch at first just to see what they have to say!